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Our customers find our banners ideal for many different situations. Maybe you are trying to promote a new business or service, are attending a trade show, have a special birthday coming up, or even a family reunion. Regardless of use, almost everyone uses banners of some type at some point.

Due to the many different uses various banners have, we want you to visually inspect our banners to see which banner fits your situation the best.

Here is what we carry:

24 Hour Quick Ship Sail Signs

360 Banner Display

48 Hour Quick Ship Sail Signs

Aluminum Fabric Banners

Banner Display

Boulevard Banners and Brackets (aka Pole Banners)

Curved Cantilever Display

Dye-Sub Outdoor Polyester Banners

Euro-X Banner Displays

EuroFit Banner Displays

EuroFit Fabric Hanging Banners

Everyday Banner Displays

Everyday Banner Display with Snap Rail

Fabric Boulevard Banners (aka nylon pole banners)

Floor Displays

Four Season Dual Track Banner Display

FrameWorx Banner Displays

Full-Color Flags

Giant Outdoor Banner Display

In-Ground Banner Frames

Mini Sail Sign Flags

Monopode Banner Display

Orion Banner Display

Oval Base Fabric Display

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Retractable Banners

Sail Sign Banners

Streamline Sail Sign Flags

Taurus Banner Display

Tri-X Banner Displays

Trilogy Tower Banner Display

Tripod Banner Display

Upsilon Fabric Display

Value Sail Sign Flags

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Hanging Banner Displays

X-Ceptional Banner Display

We print, cut, sew, & grommet your banner in one place and will have your project ready within 2 business days for pick-up or ship--but can also be rushed upon request. For standard projects, ordering is easy. Simply call us at 734-975-9935, we want to hear your ideas.

Would you like to view some of our past work?? See some of our banner samples here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my vinyl banner?

To receive a completed vinyl banner, three things must be confirmed with us: 1. Artwork 2. Pricing 3. Delivery Method.

Artwork: Upload your artwork at the button on our website, specifying your order. You will receive a proof for approval, or a not from us if your art is not to-spec. 

Art Preferences (in order): 1. Vector .pdf 2. Vector .ai / .eps 3. full-size .jpg /.png /.tiff

Pricing: Banners are tentatively priced $3 per square foot, minimum $35. With your proof or quote-request, you will receive a Quote and Proof for final approval.

Delivery: Approving proof and pricing, as well as providing delivery information (pickup or ship address) triggers order processing. Banner completed in 2 - 3 days.

What thickness are your vinyl banners? Do you offer other thickness options?  

It depends on what your application is.  The most common is our 13oz matt banner stock for single sided banners and a 15oz block out for double sided banners. Like you see on the city street lights. We also stock a 10oz for indoor banners. Hope that helps!

Do you print double sided vinyl banners?

Yes, we do print two-sided banners. Typically this requires a heavier-weight (15 - 17oz) vinyl, and more labor to feed the banner through the printer a second time. Double-sided signs can be achieved too. A good estimate (though not exact) rule-of-thumb is that double-sided items cost 1.5x their single-sided counterparts.

Do you print in black and white or CMYK full color? Is there added cost for full color?

We print in full-color on items like banners, signs, vinyl decals, event displays, or on any digitally-printed paper stock such as brochures, folders, flyers as a standard service, no extra charge.
Stationary & forms often start cheapest in black & white with an additional cost-per-color.
Embroidery & Screen-printing both allow for multiple separated (non-blended) colors. Cost is added per-color for screen-printing & based on image-density for embroidery.
Merchandise items' costs & color-capabilities vary and are specified in the listings for each item.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your vinyl banners?

We can make banners of virtually any dimension.
Minimum: No true minimum-size. We have a minimum charge of $35 for banner orders though, so there is no cost-advantage to going below a certain size for a low-quantity order.
Maximum: Our Banners theoretically could be 150 feet long, and while it's best-practice to keep them less than 4.5' tall, they can be stitched together to be taller as well. 8' x  4' is a common "Large" banner size for indoor use.

Will my large vinyl banner have seams?

Our banner-printer can print up to 52" wide x the length of the roll. If you elect to have a banner more than 4' 4" Tall, it can be stitched together vertically in two printed panels. For this method, there will be a subtle seam, and it is best-practice not to have any important details of the design cross the center-line.

Are your vinyl banners a matte or gloss finish?

Our vinyl banners are a matte finish, but glossy or laminated vinyl is available for signs and decals.

What kind of printing process do you use for your vinyl banners?

Our banners are CMYK digitally-printed. This allows for near-perfect color matches and for no limit on the number of colors or how they are combined.

What are the most common vinyl banner sizes?

Vinyl banners can be sized to fit any particular need, but some common sizes include:

2' x 3' for large poster-sizes or door & wall-hangers.

4' x 2' to hang on the front of event tables

6' x 3' or 8' x 4' as prominent wall banners

20' x 4'-30' x 4' with wind slits for over-the-road

It's best to keep banners less than 4' in one direction to avoid needing to sew together multiples.

Can I cut my vinyl banner to shape? I.e. a circular happy face?

No, but adhesive & static-cling vinyl can be die-cut to specific shapes and stuck to solid walls or window-backing.

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