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So if your job is Chief Needle Mover, how can you see around the corner to predict if your gut, or your agency’s gut, is making the right call on your TV creative? TV, unlike social media, is really hard to test, pivot, and test some more to ensure your big idea wins the heart of your customers and rattles the needle of your metrics.

With hundreds of channel options available and purchases being made in seconds, it’s more critical than ever for marketers to get in front of consumers at the right time. See how top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during key moments in the customer journey in Infutor’s latest eBook.

You can, too. The latest industry research shows investments into advanced personalization are paying off big. What’s more surprising is just how accessible increased relevance has become. Find out how to achieve real-time relevance (without an army of developers) in the complete report.

The "Corn War" has been going on since the Super Bowl, when Bud Light used its very expensive air time during the Big Game to call out its competition for using corn syrup in their beers. And the brewer doesn't show signs of stopping, despite a judge's ruling.

B2B sales and marketing people have always understood that it’s an account that buys, not an individual. And further understood that certain key accounts will produce the lion’s share of any company’s revenue. So, going to market through account-based strategies is standard B2B operating procedure.

Acquiring users for your native mobile app isn’t a new challenge, but it keeps getting harder. The number of apps on the market keeps on rising, and competition in every app sector keeps increasing.

SEO is an integral part of online marketing and is now included in most marketing curricula offered at colleges. Additionally, there are numerous certification courses offered by tool vendors and various organizations. There is also many SEOs who either learned on the job or are self-taught.

We’re all on a quest for organic sales growth. We all want to find ways to increase our conversion rate, improve our customer lifetime value, expand into adjacent markets, and launch new products successfully.

We all need to reach eve- increasing direct mail response rate goals. This is a challenge. Although your customers and prospects really like to get mail, you need to make sure that what you send is relevant to them.

Unsatisfied customers produce negative word-of-mouth on review sites, social media, and in person, and when you spend money to acquire a customer who isn’t the right fit for your product, they are unlikely to purchase again — hurting customer lifetime value.

In 2003, Starbucks cornered the Autumn beverage market when they introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte. By 2013, over 200 million of the (artificially) seasonal coffees had been sold. Sixteen years after the debut of the drink/trend/cultural phenomenon, Krispy Kreme fired shots in the Pumpkin Spice Wars.

Content marketing is generally practiced by brands that already have firm identities, but their use of content marketing has its own cognitive dissonance. Is it doing good or doing evil? Do its creators know? Its inherent struggle is based on monetization, in more ways than one.

This summer — this “nutritional” label for commercially available audience data, which vendors, agencies, advertisers and publishers can use to understand the sourcing of targeting data and how it is prepared for market — is ready for marketplace use.

Amazon is gaining advertising market share after a long period where Google and Facebook have been dominant leaders. Although Amazon’s digital ad revenue in Q1 2019 lagged behind record numbers reported in the previous quarter, ad sales continue to grow year-over-year, and the e-commerce giant has set its sights on the global digital ad market. […]

Blogs can do a lot for your business, and we’re here to tell you exactly what benefits they can deliver.

In today's web dominated world SEO is more critical than ever. Explore the many key benefits of organic rankings: Attract Purchase-Ready Prospects, Build Brand Credibility, Improve Market Position vs. Competition.

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner. Don’t ruin your holiday spirit – get your marketing in gear today! Build fresh email and direct mail lists with Early Bird Shoppers, Deal Seekers, Last Minute Shoppers + and other demographics. Get ready for a holiday bonanza! 20% off your first Consumer List order.

You don’t need to spend truckloads of money to increase your web traffic. In fact, you can avoid spending a penny. Check out this e-book and find out how!

Direct mail is often an afterthought in a marketer’s advertising strategy. However, direct mail has a strong influence on purchasing decisions. The surprising truth is that 3 in 4 consumers who receive direct mail, nearly 60% will read it and a hefty 40% would consider making a purchase. A successful direct mail campaign can spread the word about your business, drive traffic to your website, and close more sales.

Give us an hour, and we’ll give you dozens of ideas to inspire valuable, long-term relationships with customers instead of short-term transactions. You’ll walk away knowing what makes your brand unique and how to rally your team to drive customer loyalty. It’s free! Sign up today.

Presented by marketing influencer Carla Jonson, you’ll learn new ways to drive long-term, revenue-generating customer relationships rather than settle for short-term conversions. Find out how you can reduce churn and deliver an amazing customer experience that keeps them coming back for more. Register today.

Who knew a sandwich would cause such a kerfuffle ... oh wait, this is Twitter we're talking about. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa examines the social media explosion over Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's latest menu offering, a chicken sandwich.

We are certainly increasingly "digitally distracted." How can we not be, with a smartphone in hand, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the toxic Twitter — binging and buzzing with notifications of everything from "the boss wants you in his office right now" to Aunt Mary reminding you of her birthday?

Marketers consistently rank email as the “single-most-effective tactic” for raising brand awareness, lead acquisition, conversion, and retention. According to an Adobe study from 2018, “60% of customers … prefer to be contacted by brands via email.”

Print Media Centr’s show-and-tell event, Project Peacock Print Fair, will be held in Los Angeles on Sept. 12 at Sony Pictures Plaza, as the industry’s dedicated innovation and education roadshow rounds off its U.S.-based events for 2019 with a bang.

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