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Email lead nurturing is a powerful way to create a tailored experience for each of your leads, and it doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, with a little upfront work, most of it can be automated.

Your employees aren't social media experts. Learn how to create a successful employee advocacy program to increase your social media reach.

A case study that reveals “a return of over 1,000 times what we invested” on a lead generation campaign is one worth reading for any marketer — especially marketers who are in the long-sales-cycle B2B space. Enter Aggreko, a temporary power generation and temperature control equipment supplier.

There's a significant difference between exposure via technology and the full sensory experience of actual participation. That's where the power of experiential marketing comes into play.

You’ve heard about content marketing, but is it right for your business? Here are three approaches to ensure investing in this strategy pays off.

Got some leftover marketing spend? Don’t dump dollars on a hastily created ad campaign at the last minute – spend it smartly! We’ve got 3 tips to maximize your marketing dollars and kick the new year off with a bang. Plus, we’ve even got a special discount just for you. Time’s running out to use it – so don’t lose it!

A few years ago, you might have heard marketers claiming we were facing the end of an era for print. Online marketing is cheap, available to almost any business owner, and capable of reaching a global audience, so it seemed like the natural order of things for print marketing to die out. But this isn’t the case at all.

Last time, we discussed how paper can enhance your direct mail ROI. Now, it's time to look at enhancing it with direct mail finishing. So what is finishing? Finishing is all of the activities that are performed on a direct mail piece after printing. They include binding, die-stamping, embossing, and laminating.

At this point, there is little doubt that artificial intelligence is the future of business. The Salesforce "State of Marketing" report found that more than a fifth of businesses currently use AI for marketing purposes, including programmatic buying, personalization, and real-time offers.

If you’re a B2B marketer — especially a services provider — your environment is about to be upended. Customers are changing, and so are the ways they buy. I’ve been struck recently by five glaring developments in business buying behavior that you need to know about.

Cost is so much more than just dollars and cents. So once you get your pricing strategy right, don’t stop there. Consider the overall cost of your product. Here are three examples of cost beyond price.

The disruption unleashed by the digital and customer experience revolutions is here to stay. The future success of marketing rests upon its ability to continuously anticipate and deliver against the fast-changing expectations of the connected customer.

These are just a few alerts that make an appearance on the lock screen of your phone every day, grabbing your attention as it lights up and waiting for you to make an immediate response. Push notifications are the most effective means for direct communication for three reasons.

When it first launched, Flash was the answer to a static Web, providing rich animation and action. Flash was eagerly welcomed and embraced by Web developers and users. It grew so popular that the Adobe Flash Player runtime, which lets users play Flash content, was installed 500 million times in the second half of 2013.

Advertisers may not care that President Donald Trump uses Twitter like a broadcast channel, creating news by posting on the social media platform. Or that Twitter Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced banning all political ads. But they should. And here’s why.

Mobile, social, and other digital media are increasingly connected to OOH advertising. One of my pet peeves is that when I’m in my home or office, or out and about, I receive real-time reminders about using my geolocation (really, a proximity). And that’s all they say. Period.

Surveys give your customers chances to voice their opinions, and your company can take them into consideration so you can better serve your customers.

Wondering about building an effective social media marketing strategy? Unsure of what content will resonate best and confused about which platform will work well for your target audience? Download this guide to get tips and best practices to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent, and you connect with the right audience at the right time.

Direct mail marketing is a perennial proven winner, but choosing which one to use for your mailing isn’t always an open and shut case. This download discusses how, when and why to use each format, along with tips for creating your mailing.

As podcasting becomes mainstream, marketers seeking listeners must now choose a target within the podcast audience, focusing on content that resonates with their desired consumer. Understanding the dynamics among listeners is key to determining how and where to integrate this channel into your marketing mix to capture your best customers. Find out why one size definitely doesn’t fit all podcast listeners.

Infutor’s most recent whitepaper explores how an identity resolution strategy enables brands to uncover who their customers are to improve inbound engagement, strengthen the customer experience, and activate outbound campaigns at scale.

In celebration of the spooky season, Budweiser put a Halloween spin on its "Drink Wiser" campaign, enlisting the help of those who know how much it sucks to be arrested for irresponsible drinking.

Over the past few years, relations between ad agencies and clients have been in an even greater state of flux than usual. The nature of just what a marketing agency is and what it does has many definitions. But the key issue is whether the agency, internal or external, is a strategic partner or just another supplier.

When Don Peppers and Martha Rogers wrote “The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time” in 1993, the Internet was a mere twinkle in Al Gore’s eye. But direct marketers felt excited about 1:1 marketing, and even vindicated.

In the Cloud Wars of 2019, we see that there are not only Goliaths providing enterprise-level resource platforms to large brands, but also nascent cloud competitors — the Davids nipping at the heels of the Goliaths.

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