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Facebook expanded on the automotive inventory ads it introduced in January 2019 by introducing the ability for dealers to drive users to a mobile-optimized shopping experience on the Facebook platform. The social network said in a blog post Monday that when someone clicks on an ad from an auto dealer, they will be taken to […]

Americans will be unable to download TikTok on mobile devices through American app marketplaces after Sunday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced today. However, the administration extended its earliest deadline for ByteDance to sell the popular social video app to Nov. 12.

The accelerated digitization of the retail industry in 2020 has created a clear opportunity for brands. Optimize your marketing mix and reach consumers where they are right now: social media. In the last 30 days, 51% of global consumers made a purchase stemming from an ad they saw on social, according to new data from […]

Chatbots are seeing a huge surge in business-to-business marketing use this year as the Covid-19 pandemic leads to more advertiser interest in conversational formats of reaching consumers.

In separate moves, Google today made further efforts to woo traditional TV ad buyers with targeting updates to YouTube, plus enhanced inventory access for buy-side ad tools.

The use of AI has accelerated in the months since COVID-19 first gripped the world. With consumers seeking contactless or non-touch interfaces and AI tools expanding their capabilities, it’s clear that AI has a growing impact on customer experience and our daily lives.

Facebook added two more weapons to its arsenal of brand safety controls for its in-stream ads. The social network said in a blog post Monday that over 1.25 billion people visit Facebook Watch on a monthly basis. Its new topic exclusion tool, powered by machine learning technology, will enable in-stream advertisers to choose content-level exclusions […]

YouTube is taking non-click conversion metrics to the next level with plans to make engaged-view conversions available by the end of the year. YouTube Ads product manager Nicky Rettke said in a blog post that the Google-owned video site has been researching EVCs, which measure the conversions that take place after someone views at least […]

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented 2019-2020 NBA season. As the league suspended basketball for three months beginning in March, then instituted a phased return of teams to play within an NBA Bubble at Walt Disney World, teams had to rework their marketing strategies to digitally reach quarantined fans. The Milwaukee Bucks, who […]

The use of AI has accelerated in the months since COVID-19 first gripped the world. With consumers seeking contactless or non-touch interfaces and AI tools expanding their capabilities, it’s clear that AI has a growing impact on customer experience and our daily lives. According to Capgemini’s new report, The Art of Customer-Centric Artificial Intelligence, more […]

There are billions of people out there searching social media sites every day. Make sure your business is ready to go fishing in that deep social media sea for potential customers.

TikTok is in hot water with the U.S. government, but with its user base continuously growing, media buyers are undeterred. Still, advertisers and agencies are leery about long-term commitments as TikTok’s owners face a looming deadline to sell the app.

Less than one fifth of consumers making less than $31,000 per year felt that the marketing they see from brands is personalized to them, compared to around half of people in top income brackets of $188,000 or more.

Snapchat prides itself on its Generation Z-heavy user base, and parent Snap Inc. commissioned two separate studies from Kantar, on that demographic’s ad recall and its brand preferences.

The year 2020 has been a tumultuous year. And as eyes begin to turn toward 2021, the new year promises to bring a budget season like never before. Infutor has put together a guide of what brands and marketers can learn from 2020 and how to apply those strategies into next year.

A slew of agencies have inked a partnership with Profitero, a performance analytics firm that helps brands, particularly ones in the CPG space, optimize ad spend on Amazon, Walmart and other ecommerce sites. Profitero’s clients include L’Oreal, General Mills and Revlon. By directly partnering with the agencies that service these companies and their various brands, Profitero CEO Bryan […]

Facebook introduced video destination Facebook Watch in August 2017 and took it global one year later, and the social network said last week that over 1.25 billion people are visiting Facebook Watch every month. Head of video products Paresh Rajwat said in a blog post that enhancements to the platform have included better navigation, content […]

Impressions are everything. At least that’s what we all thought for the first two decades of digital marketing. As advertising becomes more precise, advertisers are no longer satisfied with impressions. They want to pay for actions closer to the outcome they need: pay-per-click, pay-per-conversion, pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead. Even brand awareness, long the muddiest of metrics, […]

Content helps small businesses establish authority and expertise in an industry, as well as garners leads that may not have existed. So, what are you waiting for?

Apple ended weeks of speculation today by announcing it will delay part of its iOS 14 rollout, which will begin later this month. Part of the update includes asking app developers to seek consent from users for third parties, aka app monetization partners, to access their data. Now, Apple says that new feature will be […]

In its latest move to support advertisers on its steadily growing platform, TikTok has announced its new Marketing Partner Program for Advertisers.

When Brooklinen launched in 2014, the DTC bedding and home essentials brand had a pretty scrappy email strategy: Co-founders Rich and Vicki Fulop crafted and sent emails themselves in hopes of gaining new customers. Fast-forward six years, and the Brooklyn-based company has a full-fledged team that leverages AI algorithms and triggered, targeted sends.

You’ve created a dynamic offer and identified your mailing list. Now it’s time to design a head-turning mailpiece. With so many printing options, selecting the right ones may seem overwhelming. Download Tension’s white paper, “Direct Mail Basics: Choosing Your Format” to learn more about the most frequently used formats, the advantages of the “solo” envelope and different self-mailers.

With email revenue up 86%, brand messaging needs to consider customer mindsets and environments.

Content marketing requires a bit of a balance these days. On the one hand, we are all inundated with content, not all of it terribly useful, so we have to be sure what we publish is of the highest quality. And the competitive landscape is beyond crowded, so the temptation to publish content on a […]

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