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Only a few years ago, brands thought they were providing a good customer experience if a product was sold with a friendly smile and wasn’t returned the next day. These days, there’s so much data on what the customer wants, doesn’t want, or likes that brands can do much more than smile.

The tactile is personal and marketing that feels personal is more likely to be trusted — so USPS being the No. 1 brand Americans trust isn’t a huge surprise. But the fact that only 42% of those surveyed believed they could rely “a lot” on the U.S. Postal Service “to do what is right” is.

Many marketers are ignoring consumer attention and preferences in order to maintain and serve content to the platforms they deem the most important. Gary Vaynerchuk argues that this is a setback for most marketers.

Your culture sets you apart from other employers, either in a good way or… not so good way. Ensure a great company culture that supports employees (and clients) with this handful of tips.

A recent content marketing campaign that Optum created with the Washington Post’s content marketing arm, WP BrandStudio, made the bold move of educating health system stakeholders and consumers about the opioid epidemic and advocating for a point of view about how to solve the crisis.

Mr. Peanut survived two World Wars, as well as the white-mold rot crisis of 2012, but at the age of 104 his time had come. Or maybe his death is a hoax. Either way you try to shell this nut, it's clear that Planters has opted to invest in a viral marketing effort ahead of its Super Bowl ad debut on Feb. 2.

While a strong omnichannel customer experience is important, it's equally important to incorporate omnichannel marketing into your lead generation strategy. Content optimization, customer modeling, and profiling through a strategic optichannel plan will produce a strong customer acquisition system.

Between increasing competition and decreasing attention spans, standing out as a retailer — be it online or offline — proves challenging. Here are e-commerce and social media marketing trends we found, which come with large opportunities for digital and physical stores to differentiate themselves and seduce shoppers:

It’s that time again for political direct mail planning. Are you the one planning to win your election? Did you know that a USPS commissioned survey in 2018 found that 68% of voters believe direct mail to be the most credible source of political outreach?

As publishers, our relationship with Facebook is … complicated. In 2019, Facebook traffic returned for a lot of publishers, and many now consider the platform a reliable source of traffic. However, there hasn’t been much consistency in regard to Facebook’s Ads Manager platform in the last several months, amiright?

Maybe you went home for the holidays and your life choices came up as part of the family discussion. Your older brother, the doctor, made a derogatory comment about the marketing industry. The insinuation being that your life path, your career choice — marketing — is a less-than-honorable profession.

B2B marketers have a dilemma. While proprietary websites are emerging as their primary demand-generation channels, Forrester says almost all of the sites it saw were ineffective at accomplishing that goal.

Committing to improvement is a good idea any time of year, but there’s something poetic about marketers revitalizing along with the calendar. So let’s talk about what we can learn from the intersection of marketing personalization, dating, and client relationships. Are you a good date?

While its not hard “see” the above issues as they dominate news channels, it is sometimes hard to see how each may impact the success of our 2020 marketing efforts. At the end of the day, no clever campaign, no amount of social likes and shares, and no volume of media purchases can compensate for FOTU.

How exactly can you utilize local search engine optimization for your website? Here are the first few steps in integrating local SEO best practices for small businesses.

As healthcare marketers, you live in multiple worlds. Of course you are a professional. But every time you go to the doctor, you're a healthcare consumer. And while your employer provides care to tens of thousands of people each year, it's also one of the largest purchasers of health insurance coverage in your market.

In 2020, finding someone compatible with you is more than just liking the same movies and music — politics plays a big role. In this episode of "What Were They Thinking?" Melissa shares popular dating app OkCupid's newest multichannel campaign, "Ask Yourself."

The benefits of focusing on contextual performance in digital, and especially video, are twofold. Brands can control what type of content they don’t want to buy, protecting the brand and saving valuable media budget.

With the longest U.S. economic growth span on record, one might think the wheels may be about to come off of the economy — and marketing spend along with it. Not so, says Bruce Biegel, senior marketing partner at The Winterberry Group, during his annual forecast about marketing strategy.

Publishers and advertisers can benefit the most from Google doing away with third-party cookies — if they work it right. First-party data will be like gold within two years, when Google phases out third-party cookies on Chrome.

ImOn Communications is a local fiber to the home service provider offering Internet, cable, and phone service. Leveraging industry-leading segmentation to improve their direct mail targeting helped them achieve a decrease in cost-per-lead of 27% and an increase in cost-per-sale savings of 40%. Download the free case study for more.

Whether you are new to the industry or need a refresher, this white paper will walk you through the basics of direct mail. Upon finishing, you will have learned how to get started, who the players are and what steps are needed to complete a successful direct mailing.

The job of direct mail is specific. You can’t ask direct mail to do too much; just like you can’t ask Facebook ads or Instagram to do too much. Each channel has a job to do, and they all do different jobs.

What will be so different in this ever-changing world, and how can marketers better prepare ourselves for the new world? Haven’t we been using data for multichannel marketing for a few decades already?

The CMO Council touched on many of the reputational risks that marketers need to have on their radar in 2020 and beyond. Below are five brand risks that I believe will be widespread in the year ahead, along with a bit of advice for marketers.

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