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Screen Printing & Pad Printing for Production

Industrial Screen Printing

Industrial Screen Printing (also known as Silk Screening) is the process of transferring a permanent 2D image onto any type of semi-smooth metal, plastic, or fiberglass surface using a specially-burned screen. Screen printing is the superior method for transferring production-quality images. Small parts, trinkets, vinyl/fabric, & large panels can all be screen printed to fit your production needs. On staff, we have more than 30 years combined Industrial Screening experience, and have printed parts for major companies such as L3 Communications - EOtech, Hummingbird, QED, Infrasource, and Moleskine Books.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing (also called tampography) is a printing process which adheres permanent 2D prints onto odd-shaped or irregular 3D objects via a stamping method with a soft pre-cast pad. Casts & rigs are made custom to each job's print-copy & requirements. Pad Printing is a great solution for high-quantity or repeated jobs, but setup can be too costly for one-off projects that don't have high payoff potential. Consult with your MSW Rep for whether your job is fit for pad printing, or if it would be better suited for our flat bed.

GALLERY: Completed production screen printing & pad printing work

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